Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Aboriori explores the representational boundaries of the self and body. The title is Latin and the profundity of its meaning, ‘to perish’, is indicative to the experience and of the associated emotions of the subject, myself, that were experienced through a particular difficult time.


A mirror can reveal increments of the emotional self.

A reflection can reconnect one to their physical self.

To reflect is to revisit- to return and to have another look. By doing so, one can retrace the steps with open eyes and then look once more and reassess.


This series of theatrical images are true depictions of everyday life occurrences that I witnessed amongst the elderly women I worked and lived with - for several weeks at one time. In these performances, I am exploring identities of ‘the other’, the physical and the emotional, as an experiential exercise to awaken my senses - to truly empathize with these people and to emotionally understand them and their lifestyles. By inhabiting their clothes, figuratively, I am getting into their skins - a process that helped me to gain an insight into each individual. The foundation behind this was not only fuelled from an obsession with stability, nostalgia, ageing and death but also guilt – a guilt created through the voyeuristic gaze and its frequent misinterpretation.